D3 English Talent Contest 2019 (Save Our Environment)

  • Event
  • 12 - 02 - 2019


DYB is proud to host the D3 Clean Green presentation Contest. In a world where litter and pollution have become major issues, it is important to challenge young learners to think of ways we can recycle and protect our environment. This contest will gather teams of the most talented English speakers from 11 schools across District 3 to discuss the issue of recycling. After several rounds, teams of 4 will be chosen from each school to share their vision on how to recycle one common item in a final presentation competition. The finals will be judged by DYB teachers and winners will receive substantial prizes. If you are passionate about the environment and you are passionate about English, take the first-round entrance quiz here on our website for your chance to make it to the quarter finals.